Photoblog: The Three Valleys

Photographs from a recent ski trip to the French Alps. The first time I've skied in over a decade (excluding a few short-lived hours in Glenshee two years ago). Having been fortunate to learn to ski at a young age, I've missed skiing very much. Nevertheless, I recognise it is a largely absurd enterprise: venturing out in sub-zero temperatures to repeatedly throw yourself down some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe; and, due to its eye-wateringly expensive nature, predominantly the preserve of the fortunate few. I wanted to capture some of that absurdity, and beauty, in these photographs, something that the Australian artist Peter Doig attempted in his painting Ski Jacket, the British photographer Martin Parr brilliantly isolates with typical deadpan acidity in his 2003 photos from St Moritz, and which the Swedish director Ruben Östlund touched upon in his 2014 film Force Majeure