Photoblog: Nairn Highland Games

Photographs from Nairn Highland Games, held last weekend. The annual event combines the last free Highland games with a huge funfair ('the showies') on the historic Links Ground near Nairn's central beach. Nairn is a relatively quiet town, but the place basically goes bananas for 48 hours when the showies are on. I spent an enjoyable couple of hours on the fringe of both events, trying to capture the slightly incongruous essence of the day. The beauty of funfairs, of course, is there is so much colour and life, all you really need to do is frame, focus and shoot and you should get something good. The games themselves were hugely rich photographically, and it was difficult to be in two places at once. Next year I will try to get an official photography pass for the competition to build this series into a more coherent, developed work, possibly incorporating portraits.