Bugger All

Bugger All is a documentary series shot in south west Wales in October 2011. The title is taken from the fictional town of Llareggub from Dylan Thomas’ play Under Milk Wood, which was based on the town of Laugharne in Carmarthenshire. ‘Bugger All’ is Llaregubb spelt backwards.

Laugharne was the home of Dylan Thomas from 1949 until his death in 1953, and has since become the site of an annual literary festival. Thomas’s presence runs throughout the documentary series, which takes its cue from a pilgrimage to the site of his grave, and a wider excursion into the surrounding landscape of Carmarthenshire and the neighbouring county of Pembrokeshire.

With its fertile land and agricultural produce, Carmarthenshire is known as the garden of Wales. Over 60% of people in Carmarthenshire can speak, read or understand Welsh, while south Pembrokeshire is known as Little England Beyond Wales. However, south Wales

‘Bugger all’ is also an ironic play on the language of travel and tourism, the blurred boundaries between foreigner and native, and the point of departure and point of arrival. It also comprises a social commentary upon the austerity policies of the Conservative-led coalition Government.