Ongoing series. Sandbach, south Cheshire.

Bach is a composite of archival and documentary photographs centred around my home town and family seat, the historic market town of Sandbach. It comprises a detailed, multi-layered study of the ambiguous space where affection and antipathy intersect. 

The etymology of Sandbach is derived from the Anglo-Saxon sand bæce, meaning "sand stream" or "sand valley". It has held various names, being known in official records as Sanbec in 1086, Sondbache (also Sondebache) in 1260, and Sandbitch in the 17–18th Centuries. The series takes a linguistic cue from the phonetic similarity between 'bach' and 'back', an acknowledgement of the discomforting yet indefinable distance between past and present, familiar and foreign, constancy and change, 

The original home of the now defunct Foden and ERF lorry manufacturers, the town's limited fame is drawn from 12-times National Brass Band Championship winners, Foden's Band, the ancient Saxon Sandbach Crosses, and Sandbach services on the M6 motorway. A number of the town's pubs - former coaching inns - are listed.